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Our Contract for the Sale of a Puppy -

We've crafted our contract to address concerns that new owners might have as to the health and genetic foundation of our puppies, and their parents.  We stand behind every puppy that is placed into a new home. The contract covers situations under which we will refund the purchase price of a puppy and those in which we will take a puppy back.


We do our utmost to ensure that there is a great match between a puppy and it's new owner(s).  By the same token,  we expect prospective new owners to have completed their own 'due diligence' by fully understanding the characteristics of the breed, potential health issues with deerhounds, the requirements of caring for these dogs, and the unique place that Scottish Deerhounds have in the canine world.

If we ask you a lot of questions as a prospective new owner, it's because:

- we want to make sure you have done your research and understand the adventure that comes ahead;

- we want to have comfort ourselves that you are, in fact, up to the task;

- we are protective of this wonderful breed and only want the best for it; and,

- to the extent possible, we want to avoid unpleasant situations where you are unhappy with your decision, and vice versa.


In short we hope, and anticipate, that you will become a part of the Iron Thistle Deerhounds family by staying in touch, letting us know how things are going, asking questions whenever you have them and striving to be a great deerhound guardian, as we seek to be.

You can find our contract by clicking here -  


Steve & Mary Chandler

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